Monday, 2 December 2013

It's not a Christmas yet, go to Hairy Baby!

What's the story? How do you think? Why we have had such a long break time in blogging?
This is just one answer: I've got cold, have been overtired and phisicaly had no time to take any picture for you...I had to talk to myself about everything I'm doing and prioritise some tasks.
And simply take rest. And it took me over a month:-) I can say - I feel a little bit better, when taking a  short time just for laying down on the sofa after putting all to sleep.
But crazy time of the year is very close again. 
Love it and hate it. 
Love searching for gifts and meeting beside the table with family. Love to see all those kiddies smiles...
But hate being on the other side of the business. Retail. The most busy time of the year at work. No time for anything and stress,tiredness...And cooking and baking in the middle of the night, because I have to prepare my Christmas, festive menu too!
I am concentrating on NOT WASTING my energy for basic stuff. 
I have to take my calendar and pick specific days for each task has to be done: shopping, cleaning and decorating the house. And don't forget about myself, our relations with hubbie and kids. 
We all want to make this time very magic for children and for us. But remember - KEEP CALM! 
We still have a plenty of time. Everything starts to early, don't let the commercial stuff to cover the best part of this Christmas! Let's keep our kids waiting longer for all this holidays fever.

So, I maight be less available on the blog in this magic weeks. 
But before I step in to December - I'd like to invite you to visit some magic place: Hairy Baby Clothing Company
I was trying to find some Irish companies making proper, own designed cloths or toys. 
I couldn't, to be honest. And suddenly a little package arrived to my home.
Two fantastic t-shirts. 
I've been really nicely surprised, when visited their web:
Very wide range of t-shirts for everyone. And off course - those kiddies and babies one's are the moste cute:-) I've been loughing at loud and trying to much some to me and my family.
Boys were very happy to try them on. 
But this is not only best, funny, charmfull, Irish design.
They are made from 100% Organic Cotton. Very soft in touch. Best quality and colour.
Can't compare them to anything - simply the best in this range.
Those t-shirts are making the outfit. You don't need to add anything else.
And perfect as a GIFT :-) 
Hurry - go to Hairy Baby !

Franek and Janek wearing t-shirt's from Hairybaby

Saturday, 12 October 2013


I have a feeling like year speeds up.
It's nearly half of October, than Halloween, Christmas and End of Year...
When the weather was so great, I wasn't thinking about Halloween costumes or Christmas Gifts.
And suddenly, after few quiet weeks, it started to be busy at work, and millions of things to do at home.
Wow. I haven't took all my holiday this year yet!
I sit a whole day at work, so when my boys stay with the nanny or my hubbie I let them wear as much comfortable as I can. I can't think about their style too much, but always look for best quality and a hint of colour:-)
As you maybe could see at one of the pictures, Janek still has to wear an eyepatch. 
We had a short break on holiday. Janek was doing perfect on the control visit in July. When we came back at the end of August, he had very bad day on his eye exam and we came back to eyepatch.
And I can't believe, that it is already two months since we've been there. We're going for the next check-up on Monday. Janek was perfect wearing his patch and glasses, so I hope he made some progress.
Fingers crossed.

Hat - Polarn O'Pyret
Jacket - Polo
Trousers - GAP
Shoes - Adidas

Hat - Polarn O'Pyret
Scarf - Zara
Jacket - Benetton
Trousers - American Marines
Shoes - Adidas

Bike - Imaginarium
Balance Bike - available in Smyths Toys stores

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Are you breastfeeding? - The National Breastfeeding Week and Giveaway!

I shared with you my breastfeeding experience already here. I want to come back to it, because we just have National Breastfeeding Week (1st till 7th of October). 

I read it back too and have no intention to push someone for BF in spite of you. And I have not enough experience to help someone personally to cope with any breastfeeding problems, which can always come up. 
But I can't forget one question, when I went out and started to meet the other people after the birth.
The question was: Are You Breastfeeding?
I really wanted to give try and give my babies all the best, all what's natural for them...but I just had not enough self-confidence, perseverance, physical power...and I had no support from my close family, where my mam didn't breastfeed.
I moved in here from different country, so I didn't know any support groups and lactation consultants too. But that question is still ringing in my head..
What would I do if I had another chance...?
What are you going to do, if you're just pregnant and considering any option? Please, don't give up, before you try - and have a look at,
because "Every breastfeed makes a difference".
To celebrate this year National Breastfeeding Week,
Irish Parenting Bloggers Group organised a Blog March within the topic (huge, warm package of fantastic advices and real, touching or funny stories) and a Giveaway - great prizes from NUK.