Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The End of School Year...

The End...Something is going to finish..I know, that's just a little thing.
End of the school year.
But it is a big thing for me.
I can see how much my little son learned thru the year.
I can see how much he changed his behaviour. 
He is growing up...
He made new friends and he doesn't get in panic, that his fantastic teacher will not remain the same.
I've got the first certificate of his achievements:-)
He was doing very well...but..
I thought he will be the best one!
And he is just very good..
This is, because he is very shy and is not such as confident as others.
He has to learn in different language too...
He is very hard working and listening carefully to everything teacher says..
Ok. I just have to high ambitions and expectations...
Hmmm...mother's expectations! 
Let's slow down. He is only 5. He has another year to catch up with the language. He is the best in Maths:-)
He loves his school, class mates and teacher.
And on the other side - junior school results - do they count for anything later on?
Mama - let him enjoy his childhood with your full support.
Just let him to be happy and remember - he is healthy and happy and no matter what - this is the most important!

Polo T-shirt and shoes - TkMaxx
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June - the month of Birthday Parties!

This month is some kind of record...of Birthday Parties my kids are invited to!
All together five Parties! 
I am as a Santa this month...
I really love to search for a gifts, but you know, a gift for child depends how close relation we have with them.
Its easier and nicer when we look for a gift of child we know, best friend or family. The worst situation is when we don't know a child and never seen him/her...
Thankfully all of those we going to, are quite close to us..

What is your way of choosing a gift? Do you just go to the shop and pick first thing you see or think it may fit? Or do you think about it from the first time you heard about the party..?
I'll honestly am a bit of both or maybe not..
I'll try to get something I would be happy my kids would get or try to match a gift with a little personality...if possible:-)
I try to give something useful, but it would make happy the little person too..
If I'm passing the test? I don't know, but believe, I do.
We went to get some gifts today morning, linking it with some nice walk in the sun. Janek was more than happy, when he could help us in choosing a gifts in a huge toy store..
Off course I can't tell you what we've got, but we've been done quite quickly today.
I have some inspiration for some ages myself.
For example: for age 1 year - ride-on, little buggy or some kind of garage or baby farm is good; for 2 years - depends of the child maturity - it can be something from baby stuff or kitchen or some pretend to-be toys...wooden toys are great for any occasion and sport equipment too...
Oh, it might be long, long list..I have thousands of ideas, but always try to match them to the little ones...sometimes the things they love is not what I like:-) 
I really wonder how do you look for a gifts for your children's friends?
The other question and long topic is - how to make a perfect Birthday party for your own little one???
I may talk about it next time.

Hat and trousers - H&M
Top - Gap
Sandals - Clarks

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Competition time - NUK!

NUK - I was fascinated with that brand since I've got pregnant on the first time...
I loved the designe and trusted the German technology :-)
But I was thinking that shape and size of the neck are a little out of date...
Yes - when you have no babies, you think just about the look:-)
I've tried couple of different bottles and their teats first when finally my little Franek was the most happy feeding from the very standard neck bottle by NUK:-)
So, a couple years later , searching for my new feeding accessories for Janek I looked friendly for a NUK range and discovered really nice and practically designed a Mickey Mouse series - dummies, bottles and cups. I've been using all of them and really can recommend them all. All are pretty, funny, easy to wash and very durable. Just perfect for me. 

Its just over three months since I've started to blog, so I am more than happy to announce my new FB competition with this fantastic Mickey Mouse bundle (pictured above) prize sponsored by NUK
To be with a chance to win a Mickey Mouse bundle from NUK - just leave your comment on the competition form or on FB below the competition link and don't forget to share the competition link and like my blog FB page!
The competition runs from tonight till midnight of the 15 of June 2013. 
The winner will be notified by email and name will be published on our FB page on Sunday 16th of June 2013 at 1 p.m. If you wish to take part in the competition  - click here to enter now:-)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer officially opened!

I don't know, what about you, but I love summer and high temperatures.
The sun just gives me a new energy and this kind of life power, like nothing else.
So, what I'm doing when it gets warmer outside? I am not hiding in a shade...
Never ever. Not me.
I jus taste the sun like the best drink and keep sitting out as much as possible..
Because I work full time now I have not so many chances to sit on the sun so when I've got two days off in one row, the only one idea was in my head...
Go to the beach:-)
So Tuesday morning we've packed our boot with all that stuff like spades, sand  buckets and blankets and went to Portmarnock beach.
I had some doubts, that Janek my run away, but thankfully, he was sleeping in a buggy for about one hour so I was able to build sun castle with Franek and when Janek woke up, they've been playing in full agreement (it looked like impossible, but happened) . I had about 2 hours to relax...
It was great. 
I've got so much that new energy, that cleaned up whole house next day and it took me just about two hours:-)
Thankfully, I kept them with a sun hats on their heads, so they didn't get sun burn...
Hope we will get more days like this one and will be able to sit in the garden with a pool shortly..
New summer season, I say , is opened!

Hat - H&M
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Shorts - Rebel from Primark

Hat and Dungarees - DPaM
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Did you know it was The International Children's Day on Saturday 1'th of June?
I know...nowdays our kids may have their children's day every day..
I think we care much more about them than people did before, in general, off course!
We want to do all best for them and keep them entertained most off the time..
But we wanted to celebrate this day any way. To do something special, TOGETHER! First plan was - go to Zoo...but I wanted to make sure that the weather will be best possible for this trip, but it wasn't on Sunday, so next our idea was maybe to visit a farm...but still - weather was unstable..and I think we shouldn't pay to show life chicken or pig to my boys:-)
So finally our choice was - lets go to the circus!
And it was great! Franek was so fascinated, clowns really funny and we didn't know when over two hours gone...Franek, which is usually quite frightened, ask to ride on horseback and kept a huge parrot on his arm on break time:-)
Janek was less interested sitting in one place, but enjoyed the music!

My own feelings were surprising too...I remember the circus as a huge arena and crowd of people, but this was quite small:-)
 But I haven't been there since I was a child...That was a great time. And the most important - we spent great family day together - this is the thing our kids want the most!

We had another great day today...at the sea..we couldn't stay at home on such a sunny day:-) I'll talk to you tomorrow...