Monday, 29 April 2013

Kiddies games: Kite

I was really very active as a child. 
I loved going outside with mates and play any available kiddies games. 
Our imagination didn't get a borders.
We've playing with rope, jumping with elastic band, seek and hide and other team plays....There was so many of us out...
I think children don't know those kind of play now days. 
They play more themself, have such a big range of outdoor toys that we even couldn't imagine about...but we've been so happy playing TOGETHER! 
We had a freedom! I was going outside with my sisters and friend's only and the oldest was probably about six. 
Most children are brought for additional activities by car, have no time just to go out and be bored...Can they find out what really they want to do?
There was healthy competition spirit, but help and deep friendships as well.
I think It is harder to find the best friend now. 
I think I am a little bit to careful too. I have to prepare myself that my son will go out just himself shortly and he has to be prepared for a life without a  mum:-)

Franek has got a great kite for his birthday, so we couldn't wait to try it out:-)
He was very excited about it. He was assisting in setting it up and was very careful listener how to use it. Janek didn't know at all what's going on, but was running around feeling that something funny is going to happen...
Their faces - when the kite went up - priceless!
We invited Franek's best friends to play together with it.
We want him to know that fantastic feeling when you can share your fun and happiness and sadness also with your closest.

If it's going about Franek's birthday - we had fantastic fun, party was great and I have to say big THANK YOU to all guests and my friend Ola which baked hilarious Birthday cakes for us. Let's see below-it is an art, not just the cakes:-)

What about you? Did you have your favourite children's game that you can remember? 

Hat - Name it
Jacket - Coolclub
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Camper

Kite - Brookite

Hat - gift
Jacket - United Colours of Benetton
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Puma

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthday party is coming!

I can't remember if I had any Birthday party as a child. Probably didn't. 
So this is the reason that I am so excited about organising some nice party for my little ones...Franek will have his big day this week, so I went in  to this specific mood when searching for some great party ideas. 

We've booked a party in some play centre last year. Children had quite a good time there, but I didn't like it. I thought it wasn't value for money at all. 
We've decided that Franek may invite best friends in to the house and I am going to organize some fun and competitions for them. What? It hast to be a surprise!!!

Franek is very, very excited about it. He started to wake up in the middle of the night and call us! He is making countdown to his birthday...I feel a little bit under pressure now:-) I know that I will have fantastic, tasty and even vegetarian birthday cake - one of my friends is a master in making them. 
I think I will share a photo of it after all.
I am stressed how I will manage to fill the time for a group of little devils:-)
I am looking for some decorations ideas and menu ideas as well. 
I think I may not be able to make such an art on my walls or some specific food, but I hope I will do all my best to prepare great fun and the best ever day for my first son. Fingers crossed I will !!!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday afternoon...

What do you like to do on Sunday afternoon? The family day...cup of tea, going out or meet with friends??? We went to the seaside :-)

When I have day off I'm trying to catch up all home work. But I want to catch all the moments with my children as well, specially on Sunday.

I prefer to pick up some nice place to go instead of playing at home. Specially when the weather is good enough...

I promised to Franek that we're going to the sea today. But Irish weather is changing its face million times a day, so when we saw the rain in the morning I still kept a hope We will go..

Just after the lunch we could see the sun, so quickly picked up the changing bag and some drinks and went for a short trip. Franek took his bucket and shovels.
So very happy we landed to the seaside.

And than ... OMG ! Janek has got crazy! He run straight to the sea, and there was no way to play with a sand with Franek. I had to run and catch Janek ! But he's got wet very quickly any way:-) Thankfully they had a few minutes playing together but then started to fight about the shovels.

Finally, Janek lay down on the ground and started to roll on himself :-) Then, very dirty and happy went to the nearest playground.

Hope you had nice weekend too...

Hat - H&M
Jacket - U.S. Polo ASSN
Trausers - Junior J
Wellies - Clarks

Hat - Panpan
Hoodie - Coccodrillo
Bodywarmer vest - Coolclub
Trousers - Primark
Wellies - sh (second hand)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring time for a bike :-)

Oh, bike for a child - it can be very deep and long topic! Starting from the question - when buy the first one? - to: how to teach/learn to ride on bikes:-)

Franek has got the first trike for his first birthday. Some children are getting crazy for it, but not Franek. He wasn't ready yet. But he was happy enough while we were pushing him sitting in it. 
Trike is a great option when you want to go for a walk in some different way (without the buggy).
Janek has got a balance bike (as on the pictures).
And this was the best choice for him. He was able to ride on it from the first days. This one is like 2in1 - suppose to be able to ride on 3 wheels and then on 2, but we weren't able to set it up for 3, so he started from more difficult stage :-) I think it is great idea for a gift - and depends of its size - for a first or second birthday. A child is developing his motor skills, balance and independence.

Because Franek very long time didn't know how to cycle and he wasn't to much enthusiastic to get a bike, we were searching for something special. I saw nice running bikes. But they are good for 3 years old, I think. He was reaching four...And I met fantastic solution - 'Bike in progress' (Franek's bike on the pictures) - first stage is a running bike (without pedals, but look exactly like a full bike) and when my son learned how to keep the balance and direction he was able to ride on very fast. After ruffly 3 months we attached pedals (included) and after about 2 days he was able to ride on bike without any help. I was so proud of him, because he really wasn't interested in cycling (didn't know how to use them, so didn't want a bike). So I knew that buying a standard bike with supporting second part of wheels or even some "push" wouldn't work for him. Getting that 2in1 much reduced learning time and a lot of stress (was no stress at all). 

Oh, I know they should have the helmets - I just found the new one for Franek (grown out of the first one) - have to buy it! I think I may not find one such a small for Janek...have to check.
Summarising - a bike is a MUST in spring/summer time. If you think that your child doesn't need or doesn't like it - search for a running bike or some new solution that might be very interesting, helpful and look great as well:-) 
The weather was nice today, just very windy so you can see the hats again!

Hat - Name it
Jacket and trousers - Next
Shoes - Camper Shoes
Bike - Imaginarium

Hat - Polarn O.Pyret
Jacket - United Colours of Benetton
Scarf - Zara
Trousers - Zara Baby
Shoes - Clarks
Balance bike - Chillafish