Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday afternoon...

What do you like to do on Sunday afternoon? The family day...cup of tea, going out or meet with friends??? We went to the seaside :-)

When I have day off I'm trying to catch up all home work. But I want to catch all the moments with my children as well, specially on Sunday.

I prefer to pick up some nice place to go instead of playing at home. Specially when the weather is good enough...

I promised to Franek that we're going to the sea today. But Irish weather is changing its face million times a day, so when we saw the rain in the morning I still kept a hope We will go..

Just after the lunch we could see the sun, so quickly picked up the changing bag and some drinks and went for a short trip. Franek took his bucket and shovels.
So very happy we landed to the seaside.

And than ... OMG ! Janek has got crazy! He run straight to the sea, and there was no way to play with a sand with Franek. I had to run and catch Janek ! But he's got wet very quickly any way:-) Thankfully they had a few minutes playing together but then started to fight about the shovels.

Finally, Janek lay down on the ground and started to roll on himself :-) Then, very dirty and happy went to the nearest playground.

Hope you had nice weekend too...

Hat - H&M
Jacket - U.S. Polo ASSN
Trausers - Junior J
Wellies - Clarks

Hat - Panpan
Hoodie - Coccodrillo
Bodywarmer vest - Coolclub
Trousers - Primark
Wellies - sh (second hand)

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