Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring time for a bike :-)

Oh, bike for a child - it can be very deep and long topic! Starting from the question - when buy the first one? - to: how to teach/learn to ride on bikes:-)

Franek has got the first trike for his first birthday. Some children are getting crazy for it, but not Franek. He wasn't ready yet. But he was happy enough while we were pushing him sitting in it. 
Trike is a great option when you want to go for a walk in some different way (without the buggy).
Janek has got a balance bike (as on the pictures).
And this was the best choice for him. He was able to ride on it from the first days. This one is like 2in1 - suppose to be able to ride on 3 wheels and then on 2, but we weren't able to set it up for 3, so he started from more difficult stage :-) I think it is great idea for a gift - and depends of its size - for a first or second birthday. A child is developing his motor skills, balance and independence.

Because Franek very long time didn't know how to cycle and he wasn't to much enthusiastic to get a bike, we were searching for something special. I saw nice running bikes. But they are good for 3 years old, I think. He was reaching four...And I met fantastic solution - 'Bike in progress' (Franek's bike on the pictures) - first stage is a running bike (without pedals, but look exactly like a full bike) and when my son learned how to keep the balance and direction he was able to ride on very fast. After ruffly 3 months we attached pedals (included) and after about 2 days he was able to ride on bike without any help. I was so proud of him, because he really wasn't interested in cycling (didn't know how to use them, so didn't want a bike). So I knew that buying a standard bike with supporting second part of wheels or even some "push" wouldn't work for him. Getting that 2in1 much reduced learning time and a lot of stress (was no stress at all). 

Oh, I know they should have the helmets - I just found the new one for Franek (grown out of the first one) - have to buy it! I think I may not find one such a small for Janek...have to check.
Summarising - a bike is a MUST in spring/summer time. If you think that your child doesn't need or doesn't like it - search for a running bike or some new solution that might be very interesting, helpful and look great as well:-) 
The weather was nice today, just very windy so you can see the hats again!

Hat - Name it
Jacket and trousers - Next
Shoes - Camper Shoes
Bike - Imaginarium

Hat - Polarn O.Pyret
Jacket - United Colours of Benetton
Scarf - Zara
Trousers - Zara Baby
Shoes - Clarks
Balance bike - Chillafish

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