Saturday, 30 March 2013

Preparing for Easter Part 2. or Kids in style.

 So, Easter Sunday tomorrow, just one cake and some small clean up after all left. Because is the one of the special days in the year; let's think about something more pleasure. What my kids have to wear, while going out on those festive days?

 I think, that every child, no matter if boy or girl, should have a plain, white shirt in their wardrobe. The most important is, that the shirt's fabric must be of the highest quality. I like reach, linen ones - they are not so formal and still are very comfortable for children. When you've got good shirt, you can add many different trousers or skirts or accessories ( like some sweaters below). And here you go - your child will always look good, and you can use them for many occasion - not only for the festive days.

If its going about trousers - I love, I have to say that, I love bright ones - in a colour of sand or even the white ones. I know - you'll say, they are not practical, because we'll be dirty after 2 minutes - but when I'm going for shopping - those are the first that I can see on the hangers:-) So I always have minimum of one pair of them. I just think, that they are adding that something special; my kids look more fresh and sunny:-) So, this is a kind of my proposition of children's outfits for not only festive days. If you have white shirt, plain and some bottoms in a good condition - you are ready to !

Shirt - Polarn O. Pyret
Trousers - Gap
Sweater - Zara
Shirt - Mamas & Papas
Trousers - H & M
Sweater - United Colours of Benetton

By the way - we all wish you a very Happy Easter !!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Preparing for Easter - Part 1.

When I started to write the blog, I have completely got lost in a time.  I suddenly understood, that Easter  is coming and I have to get things into my hands and start to organise something! 

We've been cleaning whole the house yesterday (we did not wash the windows - it is snowing and freezing - YES - just before Easter I went with Franek to make a snowman:-) I was so happy, when Franek asked me, if he could help. At first, I thought, it's not gonna to work...but I gave him a cleaning spray and cloth, explained how to take all his toys from the shelf, dust off and put them back on. And he did it perfectly! Ladies, you should allow to get help from your men. It may work, and I was doing a couple of different things in the same time:-)

 I had a plan to paint and decorate eggs today. We've done just 3, but it was a lot of mess around, specially with Janek. Because Janek is so mad, I did not allowed him to paint so far..( I know, he should to try doing everything, it is good for his hands and creativity, but I just knew, what's gonna to happen). He loved painting and wanted to paint all over the room:-) I am not a big artist myself, so I said, I am not gonna do too much. I just allowed to do as much as possible for gays. Specially Franek loves to do some arts and crafts, so eggs painting kept him busy and excited all the morning.

I've been at work today, so I feel really tired, and I still thinking what else left to do. Shopping, baking, cooking and ironing and.. did I forget about something? I have that silly thinking, I have to be perfect in everything...Work perfect, be the best mum - spending most off the time playing with children, and being the perfect house wife:-) House has to be shiny and the fridge full of tasty, homemade food! Hallo girls, to be honest, no one is the best in everything. Take it easy, I am saying to you and to myself.  

Let's take a bath and do manicure and massage instead! Oh, it's not gonna to happen in my case...probably:-) I am not born as a kitchen chef, so cooking for any special occasion makes me so stressed.

Top - Original Marines
Trousers - Zara
Top - Zara
Trousers - New Facts 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Busy day or Janek's FIRST haircut and pool...

I had no specific plans for today. I thought, even, it would be quite boring day. Franek has no school. Easter is coming and I am completely not prepared yet. 

When Franek is off school, he will more likely watch TV. But it doesn't work good for all of us. When he watches TV too long (let say longer than an hour), he is like switched off. He stops to be interested in anything, doesn't want to play with toys, doesn't want to go for a walk. He gets irritated. So I was very happy when Franke's auntie rang and asked if we can go to swimming pool together.

Franek didn't expect such an attraction for today so when I told him, we are going for swimming, he has got crazy. Started to jump around and run to his room to pack his swim wear, towel and flip flops:-)
I was surprised again how fantastic he was there. Franek was afraid of water before, so I wasn't sure how he will be today. But it was great time, and Franek wants to subscribe for swimming classes!

One of my friends is a hairdresser. She came to as tonight and we have got quick idea to do The First haircut for Janek! I wasn't prepared for it mentally:-) He is much over a year old, but I still saw Janek as a little baby with his cute curls:-) But my friend and Daddy said he should get cut and I had nothing more to say...I had to agree, his hairs were not comfortable for Janek anymore. Franek had his first hair cut when he was exactly one year old, but he had so long fringe that I had no choice and couldn't wait.

I thought, that it may be quite hard to do cut for Janek. Firstly he is mad and never sits, so I was afraid, if the cut will be secure...So we decided to do the cut for Franek first. 

Janek could see what is going on. He saw how the hairdresser is cutting his older brother hairs and that it doesn't hurts.  I think, it was very good idea. When Franek had his hairs done, Janek just jumped on the chair and was sitting perfectly:-) 

Janek is very proud and happy of his new hair. He even wanted to repeat it.
I still regret his curls a little bit and kept a piece of them in the envelope...:-)
This was a long and busy day.