Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn kids style by NEXT - my types for young GIRLS

Days are getting shorter and darker...no time left for skating, when kids are sleeping for the night.
I know. We still should be happy with our weather. Very warm and sunny last weekend! And I am happy, that my boys can still enjoy outdoors play.
I am just jealous. I've been at work whole weekend. 
But I am happy that don't need to sit at home with the runny nose and cough. 
Yes...already got them:-)
So I am trying to catch up with everything. I was doing some necessary paperwork to revenue etc. tonight. Didn't finish yet, but finally turn in to the Next web, just to check what's in the air:-)
This was as a kind of relax for me..specially, that I have just boys,
so searching for little girls fashion is quite exciting for me.
What I can say - Next for girls this autumn is comfortable, not only pink, and you can mix and match individual pieces with each other.
I like them for their quite universal, classic style. And girls looks still like little girls, not their much older sisters or even young mothers.
Ok, this is collection for everyone, who likes classic, value for money, little british style. But still worth to watch and try.


 Pictures : http://www.next.co.uk/

Friday, 20 September 2013

Autumn kids style by NEXT - my types for young BOYS

Again and again I have to spend a half day in a wardrobes, to take out too small or worn and also summer clothes..
I still have no time, no enthusiasm and energy to do it, so suddenly have no more space in an anteroom...some sandals or flip-flops flying around and hats for beach waiting for sun...
And we have all weather jackets and wellies in the same time there.
I am going to do all those things shortly...I'll do :-)
But in the meantime - looking for some news in the kids style on-line and in stores, mostly just browsing, before I decide to go on..
Today is Next on fire.
I'm showing you my types from Next new collection - young Boys.
I'm not huge fun of them, but have to honestly say, that they have some choice for everyone and prices are usually equal to the quality, still reasonable.
Clothes are long lasting and comfortable for kids.
Every season I pick something there.
What is my favourite? I think hats and jackets, but I like All in Ones this time too. I saw them before somewhere, but were very low quality so didn't like them. They look quite good and very comfy. I think that Janek would be very happy to wear it and even Franek may look interesting in something like this..
I just wonder if some of you tried already those All in Ones?
I'd like shoes too, but they usually wont fit for my boys feets...
I'll have a look to the girls department too and pick sth shortly:-)

Monday, 16 September 2013

What's going on...?

That was a great weekend. 
The Flavours of Fingal County Show had a place 14th-15th of September in Newbridge House and Farm in Donabate.
We went there on Saturday. Weather was just great. Sunny, warm, no wind.
Yes! And lots of attractions.
We've started from watching some cows and sheeps competitions and tried new and old style tractors.
Mummy's and Daddy's could try local products and home made jams, cookery and watch at the flower demonstrations.
Kids jumped on bouncing castles, had a race on the funfair and played in the IKEA tent.
There was lots of fun at the final concert with the life music on stage.
You could have a grill or picnic. Kids were jumping and dancing around.
Came back to the car park with a retro train :-)
Boys agreed that WAS GREAT!
And it really was. I really didn't see such a crowd since ages.
But everything was organised, toy-toys, bins, shuttle buses, first AID and the show itself...have to say I was really nicely surprised and looking forward to come back there next year!
So I didn't take too many pictures, because was busy watching on my little devils in the crowd:-)

What else going on?
As you can see on your right site - great news surprised me on Saturday morning - our modest blog has got on to the SHORTLIST of The Blog Awards Ireland 2013 in category: Best Personal Blog.
I was really excited - and just couldn't wait when I will sit to my laptop to share my feelings with you.
I know - it took me 3 days to say that - but I think, that's good. 
I had to take time to calm down after hearing this verdict and all eckhart around it. I am very happy that some of you appreciated my effort and irresistible desire to share such a sensitive part of my life with you.

The other things, that I just missed to say, because of lack of time:
1. Franek just started his Senior Infant and is VERY happy with his new teacher. I am glad too. She gives him much more attention than previous lady and encourages him to be more involved in the class life.
2. Janek said Good Bye to his dummy in June - it was surprising easy - we cut it off and he just stopped using eat after few days. No wake ups in the night, no cry...just happened.
3. I think we missed best time for Janek's potty training and now we may have to wit another gooood few weeks! He says NO to potty and does what he wants...
4. Janek starts loosing his nap during the day - I don't like it and think he still needs it, but who knows? It might be just another few weeks when he will finish with his nap. I hoped he will keep it thru the winter:-)
5. And finally - Janek has got new lenses - stronger:-(  and came back to patch the eye..
Ok. I think this is everything in short. 
Remember, that you can still use the discount code from Tesco - look at Tesco Give Away for details.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tesco - online shopping - review and little Give Away!

I hate doing grocery shopping!
I think it is such a waste of time unless you love cooking and searching for new recipes..Let's try to go for that kind of shopping with your kids.
What happened? They're getting bored as soon as you enter the shop.
They are getting hungry/thirsty, needs to the toilet or just do the worst in their nappy...or just have a big fun running around, going to hide or shout 
or everything of that :-)
I have to be honest and tell you I have no interest in cooking at all.
I don't like thinking about my weekly menu.
This is a hard job I have to do, because I have a kids and husband I have to feed. I wouldn't cook anything just for myself.
This is a bad true.
So - going for grocery shopping - where I have to hardly think what to get and how to connect it with my poor cooking - it is huge challenge for me!
Going for any shopping with kids it's not a pleasure for 90% of us.
I've done some online shopping before - this was last Christmas!
It was amazing experience, when I was sitting whole evenings and searching for Christmas gifts (and most things have been in stock). Than just one click and they just arrived like from Santa! With no rush, on time...
Why I never did it with my grocery shopping?
I don't know. Probably didn't know I can give a try...
And suddenly I've got a chance to try!
I've been ask to get a chance of using Tesco E-coupon for grocery online shopping.
Off course I was happy to try it:-)
We've done it on the next day E-coupon arrived.
It took me around half an hour to put thru an order .
It would be much faster, but I was doing it with Franek - he just couldn't understand how it works, so I had a conversation about it in the meantime:-)
I usually do not shop in Tesco as well (its quite far of me), so I had to make a product research first.
What I can honestly say to you:
1. The web is easy to use and navigate
2. Quick and easy registration process
3. Wide range of products and promotions available
4. If you usually shop in Tesco - 100% time saved
5. I just ordered online and went for a playground with kids instead of taking them out to the shop and wasting the perfect afternoon:-)
I have to think about shopping online on daily basis...
I can honestly say - it was worth to try, specially when you have a kids, you have to manage your time in a specific way. Online shopping is a really time saving option, less hassle and money savings too:-)
And Franek couldn't wait when our order will land on our kitchen table!

Oh! I just realised, it is half year already when I am sharing my Blog story with you guys!
So I am even more than happy to say that:

Anyone, who never tried to shop online with a Tesco can have a try!

Offer Details:
€20 off when you spend €60 or more on your first online grocery shop at Tesco.ie
eCoupon code: RXXF4NC
Offer end date: 15th October 2013
Full terms and conditions can be found at www.tesco.ie/groceries

 Please, share the offer if you'd like it and give us a Like on Facebook, if you don't yet :-)

And share your experience with us :-)

I am waiting for your comments (shares and Likes).
Don't wait - just do it and share  a word!

I received a €50 voucher with which to complete this online shop. However, my opinions and the content of this review are my own.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ireland's Eye

Brrr..I think the Autumn is coming..
It was really cold and raining in here today.
Crowds in the shopping centre...what we're gonna do in such a weather???
Yes - Autumn is really close. I hope that next weekend will be still sunny, because we have a plan to go to the farm.
While we've been kissed by the rain, I am sharing our last week trip to the very secret place - Ireland's Eye, Howth.
This is an island, we could always see going to Malahide or Howth marina.
We've been always thinking - what is there? 
Is it private or anyone is living there?
I didn't know.
But one of our friends just told us, that we can go there by boat.
If you just klick on the link above - you can book a trip to the island with Irish Ferries.
We went there quite late afternoon, so couldn't stay too long, but the weather was still great and sightseeing - amazing!
Boys were running around happy to feel this kind of freedom, when no one else is there and you can just do, what you like.
There are only birds. Lots of birds.
And brilliant beach.
My advice is - put lots of fruits, drinks and snacks to your picnic basket and go there early morning to stay there for a day.
Would be grand :-)
Another thing happened that day!
Franek was frightened going on to the boat.
On the way in, he sat very close to me and was keeping my hand.
But he loved it, and on the way back,
he was brave enough to seat opposite us, just himself and was observing everything around.
Fantastic adventure!

I've been doing my first grocery shopping online last night, so I'll tell you a little bit about it next time - I'll have a some small give away nearly ready, so see you shortly :-)

Polo - Original Marines
Trousers - Next
Trainers - H&M

Polo and trousers - H&M
Shoes - Zara

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

End of summer - ZOO!

So.. came back home - nearly 3 weeks ago..but we had not enough:-)
When the sun was still very high and warm, we had another few quick trips around.
One - the most wanted,was to Dublin Zoo
Its a big shame, but I've never been in the ZOO!
Yea, I know, you can't believe..
But It's really true.
So, when we decided to go THERE, I was same excited as my kids:-)
Woke up in the morning, took some snacks and drinks and went.
This was really big trip, because we've decided to go there by bus. We had to get two different buses one way. 
Boys were really busy on the way, looking around and sharing their comments about everything around. Both.
Janek is starting to improve his speech, so he repeats every single word or talking and singing to himself all the way round:-)
They, off course, couldn't wait till we'll get there!
And ate nearly all snacks just during the way in:-)
Dublin is a fantastic place for a family day out. 
Situated in a beauty Phoenix Park, green heart of Dublin, is full of unseen plants and flowers as well as perfect place for its residents.
Sightseeing of the Zoo is a pleasure, because a distance between animals places is not too far as they have enough space to live in a comfortable conditions. I find that ZOO is very clean place - and was full of visitors in the middle of the week!
We had a short breaks for ice creams and lunch.
Parents can have a short break, when kids playing on the playgrounds.
But you can have a picnic there too.
Kids and myself love it.
I specially loved giraffes and hippos:-)
My boys were strong enough to walk around there for 4 hours!
Just Janek had a short nap:-)
I like many, many things and animals there.
It was very hard to choose pictures to share with you.
I think, we will come back there shortly!
If someone is thinking about going there - GO, it's worth.
I can say, I really recommend it.

This was our day out in Dublin Zoo.

Do you remember our first GIVE AWAY?
One of our sponsors was Draped in Style
I want to show you, how the prize exactly look like, because the winner finally ordered her prize and
 it was made, so have a look, how pretty are those name letters:

I can say, that new GIVE AWAY is on the way, so watch out!

Hoodie and trainers - H&M
Polo t-shirt - Original Marines
Trousers - Junior J

Hoodie and shoes - Zara
Trousers and polo t-shirt - GAP

Concord Fusion
(huge, but ultra light, foldable in one piece and very comfortable buggy)