Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ireland's Eye

Brrr..I think the Autumn is coming..
It was really cold and raining in here today.
Crowds in the shopping centre...what we're gonna do in such a weather???
Yes - Autumn is really close. I hope that next weekend will be still sunny, because we have a plan to go to the farm.
While we've been kissed by the rain, I am sharing our last week trip to the very secret place - Ireland's Eye, Howth.
This is an island, we could always see going to Malahide or Howth marina.
We've been always thinking - what is there? 
Is it private or anyone is living there?
I didn't know.
But one of our friends just told us, that we can go there by boat.
If you just klick on the link above - you can book a trip to the island with Irish Ferries.
We went there quite late afternoon, so couldn't stay too long, but the weather was still great and sightseeing - amazing!
Boys were running around happy to feel this kind of freedom, when no one else is there and you can just do, what you like.
There are only birds. Lots of birds.
And brilliant beach.
My advice is - put lots of fruits, drinks and snacks to your picnic basket and go there early morning to stay there for a day.
Would be grand :-)
Another thing happened that day!
Franek was frightened going on to the boat.
On the way in, he sat very close to me and was keeping my hand.
But he loved it, and on the way back,
he was brave enough to seat opposite us, just himself and was observing everything around.
Fantastic adventure!

I've been doing my first grocery shopping online last night, so I'll tell you a little bit about it next time - I'll have a some small give away nearly ready, so see you shortly :-)

Polo - Original Marines
Trousers - Next
Trainers - H&M

Polo and trousers - H&M
Shoes - Zara

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