Wednesday, 4 September 2013

End of summer - ZOO!

So.. came back home - nearly 3 weeks ago..but we had not enough:-)
When the sun was still very high and warm, we had another few quick trips around.
One - the most wanted,was to Dublin Zoo
Its a big shame, but I've never been in the ZOO!
Yea, I know, you can't believe..
But It's really true.
So, when we decided to go THERE, I was same excited as my kids:-)
Woke up in the morning, took some snacks and drinks and went.
This was really big trip, because we've decided to go there by bus. We had to get two different buses one way. 
Boys were really busy on the way, looking around and sharing their comments about everything around. Both.
Janek is starting to improve his speech, so he repeats every single word or talking and singing to himself all the way round:-)
They, off course, couldn't wait till we'll get there!
And ate nearly all snacks just during the way in:-)
Dublin is a fantastic place for a family day out. 
Situated in a beauty Phoenix Park, green heart of Dublin, is full of unseen plants and flowers as well as perfect place for its residents.
Sightseeing of the Zoo is a pleasure, because a distance between animals places is not too far as they have enough space to live in a comfortable conditions. I find that ZOO is very clean place - and was full of visitors in the middle of the week!
We had a short breaks for ice creams and lunch.
Parents can have a short break, when kids playing on the playgrounds.
But you can have a picnic there too.
Kids and myself love it.
I specially loved giraffes and hippos:-)
My boys were strong enough to walk around there for 4 hours!
Just Janek had a short nap:-)
I like many, many things and animals there.
It was very hard to choose pictures to share with you.
I think, we will come back there shortly!
If someone is thinking about going there - GO, it's worth.
I can say, I really recommend it.

This was our day out in Dublin Zoo.

Do you remember our first GIVE AWAY?
One of our sponsors was Draped in Style
I want to show you, how the prize exactly look like, because the winner finally ordered her prize and
 it was made, so have a look, how pretty are those name letters:

I can say, that new GIVE AWAY is on the way, so watch out!

Hoodie and trainers - H&M
Polo t-shirt - Original Marines
Trousers - Junior J

Hoodie and shoes - Zara
Trousers and polo t-shirt - GAP

Concord Fusion
(huge, but ultra light, foldable in one piece and very comfortable buggy)

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