Thursday, 22 August 2013

My family town - memories Part last...(4)

I left about 15 years ago...
But anytime I'm going back, I feel a butterflies in my stomach!
Who knows why? Is there so many memories from my childhood?
Maybe it was the best time. I was happy and safe there...
Will be Ireland same for my little boys?
Anyway...Going home this time, I had a plan, that I'll go thru most important places with Franek, tell him a little bit more about me and my family. didn't happen. We had no time for it! 
Can you believe? Had not enough time to do everything I wanted, on holiday.
I thought I take a million of fantastic pictures - didn't happen.
I really was not satisfied.
Come back to the topic.
My family town is Malbork.
This is quite small town in Nothern Poland.
I'm not going to give you a history lesson. But the town has something special.
This is a Malbork castle
It is the largest castle in a world and the biggest brick building in Europe.
Yes. Worth to see.
The town itself had the best times in a past.
It is a mixture of old and modern style. 
But its getting better and more interesting every year I visit it.
And I have some MY places there:-)
On the day, when I was ready to go for a long walk around, Franek refused to go and I went just with Janek.
It wasn't too long walk. I was not able to take pictures and run after him between hundreds of tourist around the castle.
But we visited Malbork railway station the other day, all together..
Yes. Railway station. Its just got refurbished. There is a picture with Franek.
Janek loves trains at the moment, so we went there to show them trains and have a look at the station, because its an antique building as well, which welcomes everyone coming to town by train:-)
I was really happy to see, that it came back to his best look.
Sitting and waiting for a train, its a pleasure there.
Janek was so excited, that wanted to get in to the first train straight away:-)
We've been sitting and just looking on the trains minimum 40 minutes at least!
Yes. This was a big attraction for them.
Not the castle yet.
This way I'm closing the summer holiday part.
If you'll ever go to Poland, check if Malbork is on your way - this place is really worth to visit. It takes about 3 hours to go around the castle itself.And you can have a visit at night too!
And there is few places nice for the kids too, such as Jumpy Park and Dino Park:-)
Hope I'll go thru everything with both boys next time..

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Emily said...

Wow, amazing castle! And beautiful architecture! Going home from being away is always nostalgic, isn't it? X

Anna Borzycka said...

Yes, Emily - it is! I should be ok after so many years, but it looks I am still not...