Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Country festive and other stuff - continued memories...

Let's keep this fantastic summer spirit as long as possible!
As I said earlier We went home for holiday.
We went there as well, because we've been all invited for a wedding.
It was the first time, when I decided to go with kids.
I knew, it might be a little bit less fun for me, but I hoped that children will have a fun and will remember such a special event as a wedding within the family.
My parents took me for a couple of wedding, when I was a child and I loved it.
I had no idea, how my kids will go with it.
They are boys, so they might not be fancy with a special occasion wear and
how they'll get on with so many unknown people:-)
Off course they wouldn't stay in the church too long. Only few minutes, to be honest. As you can see on the picture below, Franek was bored and lied down on some bench. Janek had a walk around with Mr Daddy:-)
But when the wedding party started, they both have been dancing with me until they've got tired. They didn't run away or had no some stupid ideas how to play.
They've been plying and singing with us till about 9 pm, and than went, with no issues, to my sister home, so we could stay there with no worries, to the end.
I was so happy, that I took them there!
I just have no pictures, because we've been busy all the time:-)
Next day we had additional family dinner on the country side so kids could go around on the big, new, shiny tractor (will never forget it).
Next week we took part in a country festive called pardon.
There were a bouncing castles for kids and dancing with life music to the late.
As you can see, everyone could have  a great fun..
What else you want when on holiday?
Next time I'll take you to my family town, as I promised:-)

Kids on the bouncing castle:
Hoody and shorts - Benetton
Top - Zara (new collection)
Jeans - Zara

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