Saturday, 27 July 2013

Travel fever!

One and half day left to fly for our holiday..
And so many things left to do..
Long, long list...
Started from last shopping before we go.
But first, I had an eye test for contact lenses - everything was going alright, until the eye care assistant said they don't have needed lenses in stock...
By the way I spent nearly two hours there..and finished wearing some a little bit different lenses. Does it make any difference? I will tell you after a couple of days of using them:-)
Mr Daddy has got crazy in the meantime, boys were running around shopping centre, have got new planes and some food...
Ok. We had to get additional cabin bag and some basic things like tooth brushes and clutch bag matching to the dress and shoes :-)
Boys jumping around, taking a train race (some funny train is taking kids around shopping centre), shouting and running away. Especially Janek.
God Bless!
To get cabin bag went quick. Forgot about toiletries.
And finally lost Janek and our brand new cabin bag with other shopping inside.
Fine - we've got them back.
We've got a headache too..
One of new flip-flops had a different size and was no way to exchange them and new shoes for Janek were too small and had to go back for exchange...
Oh, it's not enough for the day.
Came back home and after a quick lunch went to Dublin.
I was so happy, that I've got voucher for FREE colour POP to some new, very modern hair salon in City Centre. Fantastic to get fresh hair colour just before holiday and wedding..
No one explained, making and appointment and sitting on the chair, what is Free.
Nice girl brought me trials of new colours to choose.  I will get new , fresh colour on my head! And this is what I thought.
But my hairs just have got washed with colouring shampoo and THIS was Free.
I was asked to pay 25 euro to blow dry them! I didn't want and got hair style or cut. So I thought I am getting new colour (including drying).
Paid and left. Very , very unhappy...
New clutch bag went away with their hair dryer!
Tomorrow is washing and ironing day, packaging and waiting for next day:-)
Are you getting this "travel fever" too ?

Monday, 22 July 2013

In the middle of the summer..

Did you go for your holiday already?
July is going to the end...
This time it was like a change of season.
Some people just came back from holiday, from their camps..
Some being packing their backpack and checking a list, ready to go!
Some, lucky ones, came back home to do their wash and laundry and were going again :-)

We are still waiting for our holiday..
It was great sun whole the week. Mama at work.
Thankfully boys could enjoy the sun with Daddy.
I was jealous! I want to warm myself too.
I was sitting out at catch a little bit of this sunny weather.
I was counting down till Sunday, when I had to have OFF.
And what...and Sunday morning invited us with grey sky and clouds.
Yes. There was no sun at all!
Can you imagine my face and my mood this morning!
I was such a disappointed...
Finally I took into myself and tried to be happy that is still no rain though.
I was like a child, when can not get sth promised :-)
We went to the sea, had a BBQ, just couldn't get tan !
But kids had a great day.

I can't wait when we go..
I just keep going on my last feet's, but this a great feeling too..
Waiting for something, which supposed to be pleasure (not necessarily I'll be fully relaxed).
Kids are enjoying the summer in full.
Most of the day outside.
Day out minimum once a week.
No education activities or games.
They mostly do, what they want, especially with Daddy - he doesn't have that mum's feeling guilty, when kids are bored or doing sth not educational:-)
Probably they have one of the best summer in their life, so far.
Its a little bit colder tonight.
Hope the next Sunday will get the sunshine back!

T-shirt - Benetton
Shorts - DPaM
Shoes - TkMaxx

T-shirt - H&M
Shorts - Benetton
Shoes - TkMaxx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lazy Monday...

Monday was yesterday..:-)
But we had a very lazy day yesterday, so I couldn't even touch my laptop!
I had off, so I've done a lot of plans. I thought, I'm gonna clean the house, check toys (which one to the bin, and which to give away), and many more...
I wanted to lay down in my garden enjoying the sun too.
But there was no sun yesterday...and my energy just went off.
I was hardly keeping my eyes open.
I couldn't do anything.
Mr Daddy was playing football with boys and I was just watching on them.
The laziness continues till today, I say.
I've been working, but with really low energy level:-)
And finally I thought I'll brake my hand on my laptop mouse, because it's just stopped working (not just - some chocolate shake spelt in to it)..
Do you have sometimes one of those days, when easy things are overhelming and nearly not able to be done..?
I hope, I move on tomorrow:-) Please...!

Janek lost a little bit of his energy too...
Sun - come back, please!

T-shirt - Benetton
Shorts - H&M
Sports sneackers - Puma

T-shirt - Next
Trousers - Gap
Sandals - Clarks 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sale, sale, sale !

June, July ...happy months :-) 
And not only, because we've been gifted with such a fantastic weather.
Months of Summer Sales!!!
I am not a crazy shopper, which knows exact start dates of sales..
I barely can see a difference between old and new collection.
Mainly when is new calendar season...:-)
But this year - I am very satisfied with my shopping on sale.
I actually had a need to fill in children's wardrobes first.
I had to get new t-shirts, sandals, shorts, pijamas..
We went thru children's department in Dublin's Arnott's...
And I left with more than needed, fantastic, good quality (and cheap) sets.
What I can say, best sale I found at Benetton, H&M and Polarn O'Pyret.
Cheaper than Penney's!
Mothercare is really budget brand this summer too.
Zara is very poor with last collection.
River Island is quite interesting and inexpensive too.
I don't like their style for kids, but I could find few nice pieces too.
Next is very late with starting their sale.
I think I have got everything already:-)

We had an eye check up with Franek in Dublin yesterday.
I said already, I really, really don't like spent my time on shopping in the city,
when is such a great sun and we could play in some more nice place.
But we had that appointment and had to go to City..
Well. I had to look for a dress and shoes too.
We're going for wedding shortly.
Thankfully, Franek eyes are ok, and he doesn't need the glasses.
So, I said if we are here, let's go to Grafton and Brown Thomas.
I know. Most of people say, that this is very luxury place.
Don't go in without golden credit card:-)
Why not?
I knew, that we can find there best sale ever.
Clothes and shoes are cheaper not 5-10 euro - they are cheaper hundreds euro now!
This is SALE.
I took up to 10 dresses to the fitting room.
Sales assistants very helpful, bringing additional (biger sizes)!
Franek and Janek were running around shouting and crying, bored just after second dress:-) 
They've been dropping to someones fitting rooms too.
But every one was very nice.
Didn't give us a feeling, that we shouldn't go there with our 
over energetic kids ..
And I've got my dress and matching shoes in very good price.
I never would expect I can get it so quickly, cheap and in Brown Thomas!
That was happy day..
And Happy Mamma :-)
Wish you a lot of those sunny, warm, smiling days!

T-shirt - Benetton
Jeans Bermudas - Polarn O'Pyret
Sandals - Clarks
T-shirt - Benetton
Shorts - H&M
Sandals - Clarks