Saturday, 27 July 2013

Travel fever!

One and half day left to fly for our holiday..
And so many things left to do..
Long, long list...
Started from last shopping before we go.
But first, I had an eye test for contact lenses - everything was going alright, until the eye care assistant said they don't have needed lenses in stock...
By the way I spent nearly two hours there..and finished wearing some a little bit different lenses. Does it make any difference? I will tell you after a couple of days of using them:-)
Mr Daddy has got crazy in the meantime, boys were running around shopping centre, have got new planes and some food...
Ok. We had to get additional cabin bag and some basic things like tooth brushes and clutch bag matching to the dress and shoes :-)
Boys jumping around, taking a train race (some funny train is taking kids around shopping centre), shouting and running away. Especially Janek.
God Bless!
To get cabin bag went quick. Forgot about toiletries.
And finally lost Janek and our brand new cabin bag with other shopping inside.
Fine - we've got them back.
We've got a headache too..
One of new flip-flops had a different size and was no way to exchange them and new shoes for Janek were too small and had to go back for exchange...
Oh, it's not enough for the day.
Came back home and after a quick lunch went to Dublin.
I was so happy, that I've got voucher for FREE colour POP to some new, very modern hair salon in City Centre. Fantastic to get fresh hair colour just before holiday and wedding..
No one explained, making and appointment and sitting on the chair, what is Free.
Nice girl brought me trials of new colours to choose.  I will get new , fresh colour on my head! And this is what I thought.
But my hairs just have got washed with colouring shampoo and THIS was Free.
I was asked to pay 25 euro to blow dry them! I didn't want and got hair style or cut. So I thought I am getting new colour (including drying).
Paid and left. Very , very unhappy...
New clutch bag went away with their hair dryer!
Tomorrow is washing and ironing day, packaging and waiting for next day:-)
Are you getting this "travel fever" too ?

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