Monday, 22 July 2013

In the middle of the summer..

Did you go for your holiday already?
July is going to the end...
This time it was like a change of season.
Some people just came back from holiday, from their camps..
Some being packing their backpack and checking a list, ready to go!
Some, lucky ones, came back home to do their wash and laundry and were going again :-)

We are still waiting for our holiday..
It was great sun whole the week. Mama at work.
Thankfully boys could enjoy the sun with Daddy.
I was jealous! I want to warm myself too.
I was sitting out at catch a little bit of this sunny weather.
I was counting down till Sunday, when I had to have OFF.
And what...and Sunday morning invited us with grey sky and clouds.
Yes. There was no sun at all!
Can you imagine my face and my mood this morning!
I was such a disappointed...
Finally I took into myself and tried to be happy that is still no rain though.
I was like a child, when can not get sth promised :-)
We went to the sea, had a BBQ, just couldn't get tan !
But kids had a great day.

I can't wait when we go..
I just keep going on my last feet's, but this a great feeling too..
Waiting for something, which supposed to be pleasure (not necessarily I'll be fully relaxed).
Kids are enjoying the summer in full.
Most of the day outside.
Day out minimum once a week.
No education activities or games.
They mostly do, what they want, especially with Daddy - he doesn't have that mum's feeling guilty, when kids are bored or doing sth not educational:-)
Probably they have one of the best summer in their life, so far.
Its a little bit colder tonight.
Hope the next Sunday will get the sunshine back!

T-shirt - Benetton
Shorts - DPaM
Shoes - TkMaxx

T-shirt - H&M
Shorts - Benetton
Shoes - TkMaxx

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