Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lazy Monday...

Monday was yesterday..:-)
But we had a very lazy day yesterday, so I couldn't even touch my laptop!
I had off, so I've done a lot of plans. I thought, I'm gonna clean the house, check toys (which one to the bin, and which to give away), and many more...
I wanted to lay down in my garden enjoying the sun too.
But there was no sun yesterday...and my energy just went off.
I was hardly keeping my eyes open.
I couldn't do anything.
Mr Daddy was playing football with boys and I was just watching on them.
The laziness continues till today, I say.
I've been working, but with really low energy level:-)
And finally I thought I'll brake my hand on my laptop mouse, because it's just stopped working (not just - some chocolate shake spelt in to it)..
Do you have sometimes one of those days, when easy things are overhelming and nearly not able to be done..?
I hope, I move on tomorrow:-) Please...!

Janek lost a little bit of his energy too...
Sun - come back, please!

T-shirt - Benetton
Shorts - H&M
Sports sneackers - Puma

T-shirt - Next
Trousers - Gap
Sandals - Clarks 

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