Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The flight - memories part 1.

I knew, it's not going to be ease..
Our flight was in the afternoon, so I thought, we have plenty of time to prepare and I had no plan to rush. 
Finally the taxi man had to wait!
And forgot to remove fresh food from the fridge:-)
Reached the airport. Ok. Still a lot of time.
But you know, every one has to go to the loo. Separately.
Remember to buy some water!
And how my little fellows went thru?
Franek is a perfect child for any kind of travelling.
He keeps attached to your leg and doesn't run away. Is interested in a journey and loves planes and airport just now, so he felt like in haven there!
Janek - We could predict that: he didn't want to seat in his pushchair at all.
So I've got some kind of security belts for him, to keep him close.
He was happy to wear them at first. Didn't know what it is, poor boy:-)
Once he realised that those belts going to limit his freedom, he has got mad and lied down on the floor when couldn't move away any more...
Thankfully, Janek had quite good mood and we've been able to keep him on the knees in the plane. Finished with pain in every muscle at the end:-)

Do you ask yourself, what are you gonna to wear for a flight?
Or you just put on anything?
When I was a child and had to go for a class trip, my mum was wearing me sports suit. Yes. She was saying that this is the most comfortable, and easy to put on and off. When the weight of the luggage was important, I had to wear some heavy pieces - to carry on the lighter backpack!
I still have this rule in my head, and put some heavy jacket on me.
Kids had to feel comfortable and prepared for changing weather as well, so I gave them long trousers and some jumpers on hand.
I just wonder if you have any special ideas for travel packaging?
I discovered that is no point to carry anything you not wearing on daily basis.
It's really low chance you gonna wear it on holiday too...unless its something for special occasion which is going to happen!
Few words about our destination next time...

I just want to admit, that our blog has got nominated to Blog Awards Ireland 2013 in categories:
Best Lifestyle Blog sponsored by Stena Line
Best Beauty/Fasion Blog sponsored by
Best Personal Blog
Best Newcomer Blog
Best Designed Blog sponsored by A2D Design Studio

I have no idea, if we have any chance to win, competition is great, but I am really proud we are even nominated:-) That's fantastic achievement, same as being here, with YOU ,since March:-)

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