Saturday, 17 August 2013

Did you ever hear about Sopot?

So...where have we been on holiday? 
We went to our family home - back to Poland.
Kids are born here, in IRL. But mama is from Nothern Poland.
I love going to sun guaranteed places such as Greece or Spain.
But have to go home from time to time.
How do you call it? Come back to roots?
I think it means even more, when we are full family - with kids.
They just starting to understand, what I am talking about.
About places where I was going to school, had a childhood friends, and my places of kiddies games:-)
I just love Polish sea and its resorts. 
I couldn't find this special spirit anywhere else.
Sopot - this is a place I would stay for life if I could.
Always life. Summer and winter.
We had to go there with boys, because We had a doctor appointment there.
We had a plan to stay on the beach as well.
Finally we've been little bit late, so we had a walk on the pier.
It is like a wooden bridge going far in to the sea. I think its the longest and the oldest in Europe. 
There is a very picturesque main street (Monte Casino). Full of interesting shops  and great restaurants.
Grand Hotel..Marina...
And many, many more...

Sopot is a part of three cities of Nothern Poland, which are like a neighbours, very close each other - Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot - and each has its own, specific style, worth to see...:-)
The weather was just great this year. Very sunny and hot!
After visit to the doctor, we went on the beach and boys had a great play at the sea - I had not really - watching on them at every second there:-)
Tired and excited were coming back home.

But Sopot is not my family town yet - if you want to know where I come from - come back to us shortly ...

T-shirt - Original Marines (Italy - got them from Grandma)
Shorts - DPaM
Sandals - Clarks
Top and shorts - 2 - pieces set - Original Marines
Sandals - Clarks

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