Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tesco - online shopping - review and little Give Away!

I hate doing grocery shopping!
I think it is such a waste of time unless you love cooking and searching for new recipes..Let's try to go for that kind of shopping with your kids.
What happened? They're getting bored as soon as you enter the shop.
They are getting hungry/thirsty, needs to the toilet or just do the worst in their nappy...or just have a big fun running around, going to hide or shout 
or everything of that :-)
I have to be honest and tell you I have no interest in cooking at all.
I don't like thinking about my weekly menu.
This is a hard job I have to do, because I have a kids and husband I have to feed. I wouldn't cook anything just for myself.
This is a bad true.
So - going for grocery shopping - where I have to hardly think what to get and how to connect it with my poor cooking - it is huge challenge for me!
Going for any shopping with kids it's not a pleasure for 90% of us.
I've done some online shopping before - this was last Christmas!
It was amazing experience, when I was sitting whole evenings and searching for Christmas gifts (and most things have been in stock). Than just one click and they just arrived like from Santa! With no rush, on time...
Why I never did it with my grocery shopping?
I don't know. Probably didn't know I can give a try...
And suddenly I've got a chance to try!
I've been ask to get a chance of using Tesco E-coupon for grocery online shopping.
Off course I was happy to try it:-)
We've done it on the next day E-coupon arrived.
It took me around half an hour to put thru an order .
It would be much faster, but I was doing it with Franek - he just couldn't understand how it works, so I had a conversation about it in the meantime:-)
I usually do not shop in Tesco as well (its quite far of me), so I had to make a product research first.
What I can honestly say to you:
1. The web is easy to use and navigate
2. Quick and easy registration process
3. Wide range of products and promotions available
4. If you usually shop in Tesco - 100% time saved
5. I just ordered online and went for a playground with kids instead of taking them out to the shop and wasting the perfect afternoon:-)
I have to think about shopping online on daily basis...
I can honestly say - it was worth to try, specially when you have a kids, you have to manage your time in a specific way. Online shopping is a really time saving option, less hassle and money savings too:-)
And Franek couldn't wait when our order will land on our kitchen table!

Oh! I just realised, it is half year already when I am sharing my Blog story with you guys!
So I am even more than happy to say that:

Anyone, who never tried to shop online with a Tesco can have a try!

Offer Details:
€20 off when you spend €60 or more on your first online grocery shop at Tesco.ie
eCoupon code: RXXF4NC
Offer end date: 15th October 2013
Full terms and conditions can be found at www.tesco.ie/groceries

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I received a €50 voucher with which to complete this online shop. However, my opinions and the content of this review are my own.

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