Monday, 16 September 2013

What's going on...?

That was a great weekend. 
The Flavours of Fingal County Show had a place 14th-15th of September in Newbridge House and Farm in Donabate.
We went there on Saturday. Weather was just great. Sunny, warm, no wind.
Yes! And lots of attractions.
We've started from watching some cows and sheeps competitions and tried new and old style tractors.
Mummy's and Daddy's could try local products and home made jams, cookery and watch at the flower demonstrations.
Kids jumped on bouncing castles, had a race on the funfair and played in the IKEA tent.
There was lots of fun at the final concert with the life music on stage.
You could have a grill or picnic. Kids were jumping and dancing around.
Came back to the car park with a retro train :-)
Boys agreed that WAS GREAT!
And it really was. I really didn't see such a crowd since ages.
But everything was organised, toy-toys, bins, shuttle buses, first AID and the show itself...have to say I was really nicely surprised and looking forward to come back there next year!
So I didn't take too many pictures, because was busy watching on my little devils in the crowd:-)

What else going on?
As you can see on your right site - great news surprised me on Saturday morning - our modest blog has got on to the SHORTLIST of The Blog Awards Ireland 2013 in category: Best Personal Blog.
I was really excited - and just couldn't wait when I will sit to my laptop to share my feelings with you.
I know - it took me 3 days to say that - but I think, that's good. 
I had to take time to calm down after hearing this verdict and all eckhart around it. I am very happy that some of you appreciated my effort and irresistible desire to share such a sensitive part of my life with you.

The other things, that I just missed to say, because of lack of time:
1. Franek just started his Senior Infant and is VERY happy with his new teacher. I am glad too. She gives him much more attention than previous lady and encourages him to be more involved in the class life.
2. Janek said Good Bye to his dummy in June - it was surprising easy - we cut it off and he just stopped using eat after few days. No wake ups in the night, no cry...just happened.
3. I think we missed best time for Janek's potty training and now we may have to wit another gooood few weeks! He says NO to potty and does what he wants...
4. Janek starts loosing his nap during the day - I don't like it and think he still needs it, but who knows? It might be just another few weeks when he will finish with his nap. I hoped he will keep it thru the winter:-)
5. And finally - Janek has got new lenses - stronger:-(  and came back to patch the eye..
Ok. I think this is everything in short. 
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