Friday, 20 September 2013

Autumn kids style by NEXT - my types for young BOYS

Again and again I have to spend a half day in a wardrobes, to take out too small or worn and also summer clothes..
I still have no time, no enthusiasm and energy to do it, so suddenly have no more space in an anteroom...some sandals or flip-flops flying around and hats for beach waiting for sun...
And we have all weather jackets and wellies in the same time there.
I am going to do all those things shortly...I'll do :-)
But in the meantime - looking for some news in the kids style on-line and in stores, mostly just browsing, before I decide to go on..
Today is Next on fire.
I'm showing you my types from Next new collection - young Boys.
I'm not huge fun of them, but have to honestly say, that they have some choice for everyone and prices are usually equal to the quality, still reasonable.
Clothes are long lasting and comfortable for kids.
Every season I pick something there.
What is my favourite? I think hats and jackets, but I like All in Ones this time too. I saw them before somewhere, but were very low quality so didn't like them. They look quite good and very comfy. I think that Janek would be very happy to wear it and even Franek may look interesting in something like this..
I just wonder if some of you tried already those All in Ones?
I'd like shoes too, but they usually wont fit for my boys feets...
I'll have a look to the girls department too and pick sth shortly:-)

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