Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn kids style by NEXT - my types for young GIRLS

Days are getting shorter and darker...no time left for skating, when kids are sleeping for the night.
I know. We still should be happy with our weather. Very warm and sunny last weekend! And I am happy, that my boys can still enjoy outdoors play.
I am just jealous. I've been at work whole weekend. 
But I am happy that don't need to sit at home with the runny nose and cough. 
Yes...already got them:-)
So I am trying to catch up with everything. I was doing some necessary paperwork to revenue etc. tonight. Didn't finish yet, but finally turn in to the Next web, just to check what's in the air:-)
This was as a kind of relax for me..specially, that I have just boys,
so searching for little girls fashion is quite exciting for me.
What I can say - Next for girls this autumn is comfortable, not only pink, and you can mix and match individual pieces with each other.
I like them for their quite universal, classic style. And girls looks still like little girls, not their much older sisters or even young mothers.
Ok, this is collection for everyone, who likes classic, value for money, little british style. But still worth to watch and try.


 Pictures : http://www.next.co.uk/

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