Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Where the tolerance comes from?

Why do we buy blue cloths for boys and pink for girls?
And only those are available in stores?
Why some toys are aloud for girls only or even same toys are available in two colours only - pink and blue?
What is the outcome of this differentiation?
This things annoyed me since I've got pregnant on the first time.
I was browsing for all the nursery stuff and just discovered it!
I knew I was expecting a boy, but I didn't want to have everything in blue. 
I had to make huge effort to have colourful clothes, cardigans, vests, hats ..for my little boy. And than I met many voices surprised, when the've been asking about a girl, when there was a little boy in the orange buggy...with a red dummy:-)
This is nothing. 
When my little boy was growing up, I wanted to get baby vacuum cleaner - he loved to hoover - but I couldn't get any in different colour than pink!
I am asking WHY is that? 
Boys are not aloud to clean the house? What wrong with it? I think it's part of their development and make them ready for life, when their copying ANY mammy or daddy good behaviour.
And be careful - don't let your boy to play with a baby buggy and doll - it may describe him for a life...
My kids are growing up - when they wear pink or violet t-shirt or even red glasses - they might be watched carefully...
Franek had a bracelet at school. 
The other kids asked him, why? Why is he wearing this, when just girls wearing bracelets..
But do you know what?
How our kids know what is ok or who is a stranger?
They copying us! When we are making our choices under public opinion pressure. They don't know which colours are boys or girls, which toys are boys or girls or which skin colour is better or not. They don't mind to play with everyone or everything. My Franek first ball was pink with a Barbie picture, because only this one was in stock, when I had a need to get one for him...and he still doesn't mind, what is one the picture, but most of adults will asked about it...
I think we should listen to our instincts and kids likes more, before we make a decision.
Have a respect to your own mind and your kid. Be yourself and try to do not teach our kids that sth makes a difference...

We've got an autumn, by the way..
The weather was keeping us in a great mood, specially for the last few weekends. We've got a real "indian summer" here.
My favourite colour of the season this year is a honey yellow.
I've got just this little vest for Janek, to keep him warm, when the weather changes every minute now.
But I've seen many fantastic clothes in this colour.
Chinos, jackets, cardigans and even sport suits...
Love it...its an Autumn, but still very bright and sunny colour:-)

Warm vest - Zara
Shirt - H&M
Trousers - Polarn O'Pyret
Shoes - Clarks

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