Thursday, 3 October 2013

Are you breastfeeding? - The National Breastfeeding Week and Giveaway!

I shared with you my breastfeeding experience already here. I want to come back to it, because we just have National Breastfeeding Week (1st till 7th of October). 

I read it back too and have no intention to push someone for BF in spite of you. And I have not enough experience to help someone personally to cope with any breastfeeding problems, which can always come up. 
But I can't forget one question, when I went out and started to meet the other people after the birth.
The question was: Are You Breastfeeding?
I really wanted to give try and give my babies all the best, all what's natural for them...but I just had not enough self-confidence, perseverance, physical power...and I had no support from my close family, where my mam didn't breastfeed.
I moved in here from different country, so I didn't know any support groups and lactation consultants too. But that question is still ringing in my head..
What would I do if I had another chance...?
What are you going to do, if you're just pregnant and considering any option? Please, don't give up, before you try - and have a look at,
because "Every breastfeed makes a difference".
To celebrate this year National Breastfeeding Week,
Irish Parenting Bloggers Group organised a Blog March within the topic (huge, warm package of fantastic advices and real, touching or funny stories) and a Giveaway - great prizes from NUK.

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