Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stylish kids shoes, please!

It was fantastic weather today. We had a warm and sunny day. I don't like to waste those days for a shopping but I knew I wouldn't have the other day for it. 
We just had to go and buy new shoes for my older son Franek.

I thought I know what I am looking for him. The shoes supposed to be comfortable, good quality, durable and should look good with different outfits. Should be easy...?
We ate our lunch earlier and drove to Dublin. I made some research in my local area and I didn't like anything.  But Janek had too short nap  and didn't eat lunch too much as well so you can imagine how happy (UNHAPPY) he was going for shopping. He doesn't like shopping as real man does:-) So he was rude most of the time, doing mess and so on. Both of them started to be very hungry and thirsty as soon as we left home...I've got a baby bag with some snacks, but all finished before we reached Dublin! So I was trying to do my shopping walk as quick as possible (even the weather was such a wonderful that I could have endless walk thru Grafton St). I loved Camper's from the first try. But I said to myself - lets try the different ones.  

We left first store and visited three others - Franek, which like going for shopping (such unusual, specially for boy), started to be a little bit of mad trying sixth or seventh pair, he didn't mind which we are going to get for him. Janek started to show: I NEED a change:-) 
I liked the Converse ones and Lacoste as well, price was good too, but I still couldn't decide. There was no proper size as well. Converse were beatifull - like 2 in 1, because had a velcro, they were leather but still  may look very good with any trousers - jeans, sports suits or fabric ones...They would give fresh look and peace of style to any outfit. But there was no size...
Lacoste - fantastic - soft leather, looked fabulous - but I couldn't decide for colour and Franek doesn't know how to use would be a problem at school.
Finally we reached another store with very different shoes, but there was no sizes for him as well! I think, because he was born in a baby boom year :-)
I may come back there, because they had nice range of infant shoes, just like for Janek - I took few pictures of them.

So what we did? After two hours of walking from store to store, with a hungry and bored kids, we came back to the first store we visited and bought Camper's :-) 
They have just right size, they can be worn with any style of outfit, they have quite original colour. They are such soft and comfortable, that I am jealous and my buy some for myself too...They have some own history as well. Check it on their web
And they are just lovely for us.
Below is Franek the other day - you can see how he is playing usually on shopping!
Today is a month, since I started my blog! But I feel a little lonely here - no comments, not too many likes for FB fanpage...Should I keep doing it?

Jumper - BluKids
Trousers and jacket - Gap
Belt - Mayoral
Shoes - Camper Shoes
Jumper - Next
Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - Clarks

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