Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kids health is in the air...

Welcome back to the world! I have so many things to tell (and write) about, that I couldn't decide how to start again:-) 
Because we have 100% Irish weather today (and yesterday and the day before...), I've decided to say something about my children's health (in overall), wearing to the weather and lack of the internet...

My first golden rule for a healthy child is : go out for a walk for min 2 hours a day (in the summer twice a day).
When Franek was a little baby, going for a walk with him in a buggy was giving me a chance of meeting some other people around me and loose some extra pounds left after pregnancy. That was always my part of the day - to wear myself and go out to get new energy from the air. Sitting at home its just boring for me. When Franek was growing we started to take a short walks on feet. I could watch on the world with his baby eyes - every flower or stone had such an interesting shape and colour, different cars on the on. I was talking to him and later with him about it:-)
When he was getting bigger and stronger he has got the first ride on, trike, than scooter and finally a bike. Those ride ones helped me when I wanted to go with him for a longer distance or just keep him busy when out. I think I don't need to explain the benefits of using those ride ons for a child:-) 
I just want to say that going out with a baby doesn't need to be boring. If you can, find a friend with a child and go together - time goes quicker! And I do the same with both now. Off course its little bit harder to manage every day goings out for two - they have a little different routines and Franek goes to school, so he is always missing our morning walk. 

Thankfully, when I was with no internet access, we have got a short two days, still quite cold, but sunny:-) We jumped in to the one of the fantastic playgrounds ( this one is in Malahide Co. Dublin). We've been missing so much those longer and warmer days! We could take off winter coats and just run around and play with the sand on the first time this year.
If its going about an internet and other media such a TV - its a benefit for a child when we don't have them at home for sure! At once we are getting much more time to spend together and talk or play. But this a topic for another post too.
Coming back to the health topic - my second rule is - do not wear your child as yourself! We have to remember that they are still on the move. So while we standing and looking at them most of the time, they doing a lot of exercises, so they feel much warmer than me. So I think the time for a lighter jacket came in. Its good to have to some additional layers under, that you can add or remove when needed. I still keep them with a hat, but only because of Irish spring wind. 
I think the rules work - Franek is five this month and he never had an antibiotic and any serious infection. Janek had to get antibiotic twice, which is good result so far anyway.
Children wellbeing is a genetic and it is dependant of the food and sleeping routine as well, in my opinion:-)

I can't wait for more sunny days and planning short trips to the sea, farm, zoo...or wherever we can have a great fun outside:-)

Hat and scarf - Okaidi
Jacket - Gap
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Camper
Hat - Next
Scarf and trousers - Zara
Jacket - United Colours of Benetton
Shoes - Puma

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