Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer officially opened!

I don't know, what about you, but I love summer and high temperatures.
The sun just gives me a new energy and this kind of life power, like nothing else.
So, what I'm doing when it gets warmer outside? I am not hiding in a shade...
Never ever. Not me.
I jus taste the sun like the best drink and keep sitting out as much as possible..
Because I work full time now I have not so many chances to sit on the sun so when I've got two days off in one row, the only one idea was in my head...
Go to the beach:-)
So Tuesday morning we've packed our boot with all that stuff like spades, sand  buckets and blankets and went to Portmarnock beach.
I had some doubts, that Janek my run away, but thankfully, he was sleeping in a buggy for about one hour so I was able to build sun castle with Franek and when Janek woke up, they've been playing in full agreement (it looked like impossible, but happened) . I had about 2 hours to relax...
It was great. 
I've got so much that new energy, that cleaned up whole house next day and it took me just about two hours:-)
Thankfully, I kept them with a sun hats on their heads, so they didn't get sun burn...
Hope we will get more days like this one and will be able to sit in the garden with a pool shortly..
New summer season, I say , is opened!

Hat - H&M
Polo T-shirt - some brand from TK maxx
Shorts - Rebel from Primark

Hat and Dungarees - DPaM
T-shirt - basic United Colours of Benetton
Sandals - Clarks

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