Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Did you know it was The International Children's Day on Saturday 1'th of June?
I know...nowdays our kids may have their children's day every day..
I think we care much more about them than people did before, in general, off course!
We want to do all best for them and keep them entertained most off the time..
But we wanted to celebrate this day any way. To do something special, TOGETHER! First plan was - go to Zoo...but I wanted to make sure that the weather will be best possible for this trip, but it wasn't on Sunday, so next our idea was maybe to visit a farm...but still - weather was unstable..and I think we shouldn't pay to show life chicken or pig to my boys:-)
So finally our choice was - lets go to the circus!
And it was great! Franek was so fascinated, clowns really funny and we didn't know when over two hours gone...Franek, which is usually quite frightened, ask to ride on horseback and kept a huge parrot on his arm on break time:-)
Janek was less interested sitting in one place, but enjoyed the music!

My own feelings were surprising too...I remember the circus as a huge arena and crowd of people, but this was quite small:-)
 But I haven't been there since I was a child...That was a great time. And the most important - we spent great family day together - this is the thing our kids want the most!

We had another great day today...at the sea..we couldn't stay at home on such a sunny day:-) I'll talk to you tomorrow...

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