Friday, 31 May 2013

Photo relation - Donabate

That was very busy day yesterday...I went with Janek to the Hospital Eye Clinic (good news by the way - we're adviced to stop to put the patch, eyes are looking equal now). Mr Daddy had to go with Franek for the big official school opening ceremony. Only one parent could go, because of limited places, but I had an appointment earlier done, so I wouldn't go any way.
But Franek has got sick! yes...not cold or some of those - he was vomiting and had diarrhea...He couldn't go to school on Tuesday, was sleeping all day, but yesterday morning he looked ok, so I thought he would go...but he started to be weak couldn't go...We regret so much, it was big show and heard that it was great event..
Franek is not missing school at all and he had to be sick  on that Big day!!!
I was angry, to be honest, but that's not his fault...
He looked that feeling a little bit better we went to Donabate park, to use such fantastic weather and let him get breath after two days at home..but was hard...thankfully  they had toilets there...
Franek was traying to play, but I colud see that this is not him yet...
Hope it will go off from today!

Hat, t-shirt, shorts, trainers - all H&M

Hat, polo shirt - H&M
Trousers - Polarn O.Pyret
Sandals - Clarks

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