Monday, 27 May 2013

Children's diseases - overprotective or ignoring?

The weather is ignoring us a little bit.. as it is in Ireland, changes minimum 3 times a day...
Some children are less able to cope with those changes. Specially when sitting too much at home or wearing to warm. But I say honestly, I don't know what is a good choice. Would be easy to say - wear as an onion- layers...but we not always doing it...specially when have to manage going out and about with more than one kid...The days when the situation is not established we are more able to be gifted with some runny nose or cough, in a serious cases - ear or chest infection. 
We may tray to avoid it some way, but we can't avoid such diseases as chicken pox...
I am a mama that is little bit ignoring some symptoms of a cold - I am not going to keep my kids at home when they're getting runny nose, because I think they will have a better breath outside..
I am not in panic when they'll get cough..just make some onion syrup.
For fever - paracetamol straight away and cold compress or cool bath.
The doctor and their antibiotics is the last point I am looking for.
I know. I shouldn't generalize.. But I just say what I would do.
But if we are talking about contagious disease such as chicken pox - I would be more careful myself.
In that case the condition of our child maybe worse than we think, a child is weak and needs a rest and we shouldn't share responsible, please! Not too quick going outside.
When a child just came thru such a disease, I wouldn't keep him at home for another additional 2 weeks than needed, but I would introduce him back to the normal life in a little steps...
This is my way of dealing with the children's diseases. I wonder what would you do?

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