Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Saying I do...

I had an intention to say something about usual children's health issues... friend came in and we had a chat about meaning of the marriage!
Started to watch old pics and remind our weddings and how happy and pretty day it was...
How young we've been and what we were thinking saying YES :-)
We didn't think that anything may go different way we wish...
We didn't realise how different are the normal days are...
We've been the most happy people of the world..
Did we understand the marriage vow?
We think, that NOT AT ALL!
Even sharing a flat before we've got married, we really don't know how its gonna be when prose of the life come in to our marriage.
And now, after 7-8 years since that pretty day, we listen to the marriage vow again, and just say - we recited the empty words...
We didn't know their meaning. Kids, sickness, financial difficulties, different life ideas, different family education and just tiredness of each other...if we can go thru all of this together...we may fulfill and learn the meaning of the marriage.
And hopefully we still want to go together thru the life.
If I know that before, would I say I DO to him?
I thankfully still think I would:-)
I just wonder If the meaning will be similar for another 10, 20, 30 years...
I am even starting to think about a wife's of my son's :-)
I should stop talking brings the answer.
So I'm gonna to enjoy every single day together and taste the life.
That's it!

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