Friday, 17 May 2013

Looking for a Summer in...a wardrobe..

Thank you to anyone, who took part in our little competition. The winners names are on our Fb fanpage. Another, easier incentive on the way...:-)

By the way - what is today? Today is Friday, 17th of May. MAY !
Suppose to be summer here...
Meanwhile, it is just sunny (sometimes), but so cold, that I could wear my jacket in the house!
Trying to forget about that disappointing weather, I started wardrobes cleaning and refreshing.
At first I'm gonna to check what is still wearable:-)

Because Franek is at school, I started from Janek. Because he was just 9 months old year ago, obviously his shelfs are quite empty now...but I found a few things that you never don't know what the size is and some of them kids can wear over 3 years! 
Its much easier to wear your child in the summer. You may need more basic t-shirts and short trousers (they're getting dirty 3-5 times a day). But It doesn't mean it has to be boring.
Summer gives you a chance to wear a clothes in some crazy colours, that you never put on different time...And you can mix and match things that you never put togheter. Summer gives a FREEDOM. 
In our wardrobes too.
But the things that will stay with us for a while are usually quite classic - such those on the Janek's pictures. Basic top with not aggressive motive looks good with similar composition of colours 1/3 trousers...Hat gives a style any time. 
Me and Franek love hats...
I am going to organise a special trip searching for  great boys (and girls too) accessorise that makes such a difference to any basic outfit.
I will be browsing now, but big SALE time is on June:-) Let's check what we need and start saving!


Top - Piccolo Tesoro
Bottoms - Reserved Kids
Hat - HandM

Rocking Cow - Mamas and Papas
Children's Camera with games - Imaginarium

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