Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The End of School Year...

The End...Something is going to finish..I know, that's just a little thing.
End of the school year.
But it is a big thing for me.
I can see how much my little son learned thru the year.
I can see how much he changed his behaviour. 
He is growing up...
He made new friends and he doesn't get in panic, that his fantastic teacher will not remain the same.
I've got the first certificate of his achievements:-)
He was doing very well...but..
I thought he will be the best one!
And he is just very good..
This is, because he is very shy and is not such as confident as others.
He has to learn in different language too...
He is very hard working and listening carefully to everything teacher says..
Ok. I just have to high ambitions and expectations...
Hmmm...mother's expectations! 
Let's slow down. He is only 5. He has another year to catch up with the language. He is the best in Maths:-)
He loves his school, class mates and teacher.
And on the other side - junior school results - do they count for anything later on?
Mama - let him enjoy his childhood with your full support.
Just let him to be happy and remember - he is healthy and happy and no matter what - this is the most important!

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jazzygal said...

Sounds like your boy made wonderful strides this year!

xx Jazzy