Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer ? holidays started!

First week of summer holidays. It didn't gift us with wonderful weather. Raining.
Its not so bad for the moment. We enjoy sleeping 15 minutes longer (the younger man doesn't want to wait for his bootle of milk any longer:-)

We happy that we have a choice - can go out at any time, can stay at home and refresh a usage of any forgotten toys and games.

I had off today, so boys were double happy that I didn't go anywhere, didn't start to clean the house. I just was with them and all the time for them....
If you work 5 days a week up to 10 hours - you really can enjoy spending each minute with kids, talking about some important things...important for them.
Off course, I really can not look at some dust on the shelfs, sticky floor and pasta on the carpet...but today..I decided to forget about it.

I was drawing with them,playing on the floor, went for short walk in rain, spent few minutes in a toys store sharing their excitement of touching and looking at brand new, shiny toys and books:-)
Finally, I do not regret that weather wasn't great. It was really nice day...

Top - United Colours of Benneton
Shorts - DpaM
Shoes - H&M
Helmet  and Bike - Imaginarium

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