Friday, 5 July 2013

Day as every day...

I just wander, what do you do with your kids, when is a day as every day?
A day, when you go thru with your routine, is no special events.
No plans, you do just your every day tasks in the meantime...
I usually go out for an hour, somewhere beside..
To have a chance quickly go home, when is a lunch time..

We may go for a walk around the house or for a playground.
We can watch and feed the horses beside as well.
Boys love this friendly routine.
And have a chance to get hungry just for a lunch time.
As you can see, Janek went just with myself recently.
Franek went for holiday to his cousin.
He is very, very proud of it, staying there for a night and being entertained
whole a time.
Janek is little bit upset without him and I can really see,
that he is missing his older brother very much...
But I could spend more time just with Janek
and remind myself,
 how it was, when I was learning a new world with Franek before.

Very basic :
Hoodie - Majestic Athletic
Polo - Pingeuin
Shorts - Cherookie (Tesco)
Sandals - Clarks

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