Monday, 8 July 2013


Summer...summer weather, summer time, sunny days, 
freedom, never ending days...warm, hot, 
just fantastic!
This is what I have in my mind just now.
When school or preschool/creche is closed, kids loosing their every day routine.
Sometimes is great. Sometimes it may be little bit hard to keep them entertained.
Off course, I think that kids have to have a time to be bored.
Specially, that I have to go to work and Daddy has to mind them both, get a grocery shopping done as well.
So..looking at the images they took, the day was quite ok...without special entertainment.
They've been in the supermarket, than had a pool in the garden and afternoon walk (on bike) :-)
I think that Franek is still a little bit to young for a camps with friends.
He really enjoy playing with Janek or just with himself.
Thanks to this fantastic, unusual weather - they can just sit outside most of the day, in the garden, in the sand pit ...
running, walking, shouting and having a big lough!
This is what they need as a kids now.
This is an essence of a childhood I remember...
Let your kids just do what they want to..
they will have the best fun!
Just watch them from the side!

Hat and trainers - H&M
T-shirt - United Benetton of Colours
Swimming shorts - Mothercare
Sandals - Clarks

Hat - DPaM
T-shirt and shorts - Nautica
Sandals - Clarks

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