Wednesday, 19 June 2013

June - the month of Birthday Parties!

This month is some kind of record...of Birthday Parties my kids are invited to!
All together five Parties! 
I am as a Santa this month...
I really love to search for a gifts, but you know, a gift for child depends how close relation we have with them.
Its easier and nicer when we look for a gift of child we know, best friend or family. The worst situation is when we don't know a child and never seen him/her...
Thankfully all of those we going to, are quite close to us..

What is your way of choosing a gift? Do you just go to the shop and pick first thing you see or think it may fit? Or do you think about it from the first time you heard about the party..?
I'll honestly am a bit of both or maybe not..
I'll try to get something I would be happy my kids would get or try to match a gift with a little personality...if possible:-)
I try to give something useful, but it would make happy the little person too..
If I'm passing the test? I don't know, but believe, I do.
We went to get some gifts today morning, linking it with some nice walk in the sun. Janek was more than happy, when he could help us in choosing a gifts in a huge toy store..
Off course I can't tell you what we've got, but we've been done quite quickly today.
I have some inspiration for some ages myself.
For example: for age 1 year - ride-on, little buggy or some kind of garage or baby farm is good; for 2 years - depends of the child maturity - it can be something from baby stuff or kitchen or some pretend to-be toys...wooden toys are great for any occasion and sport equipment too...
Oh, it might be long, long list..I have thousands of ideas, but always try to match them to the little ones...sometimes the things they love is not what I like:-) 
I really wonder how do you look for a gifts for your children's friends?
The other question and long topic is - how to make a perfect Birthday party for your own little one???
I may talk about it next time.

Hat and trousers - H&M
Top - Gap
Sandals - Clarks

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