Sunday, 24 March 2013

Irish football !

I was always very active and busy as a child. I was dancing and giving concerts around the country with a children's dancing and singing crew. I loved my colourful, different costumes...We all have been so excited before each show. 

I have been a runner in my school sport's club. In my earlier childhood, I was doing some gymnastics as well ( of course I am not able to do those things anymore!).

I can remember all those funny things, which happened on the stage. Many times I have been falling down or hit in some elements of the decoration on the middle of the stage; lost shoes or parts of the costumes...
I met so many fantastic people and could get in to some deep, great friendships.

 So, when Franek started his school, I started to thing about some additional activities for him. At first, I thought, he is still to young. I want to give him a lot of play time, even to be bored. Child will create some fantastic things and activities, while bored:-)  You know about it! 
But with a winter time, when we can't go just for a walk, because is slashing (rain), very strong wind, I decided that we can try football. I wasn't play football myself, but you can remember yours in your local GAA on Saturday mornings...

Mr Daddy goes on football with Franek usually. Last Saturday we went with whole the family there. I couldn't see too much, because was running after Janek (he could feel such a big space and didn't hesitate to use it:-). Finally I had to go outside with him...But when I came back to the gym hall and saw my little Franek with all those sports accessories...:-) and he has got a goal! I was nearly in tears! He was so happy, and I was so proud of him...This was the one of those feelings, you know..:-)

Blouse - Original Marines
Trousers - Next
Runners - Puma
Top - United Benetton of Colours
Trousers - Next
Shoes - Puma

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