Friday, 22 March 2013

Orthoptist - who is it?

When Janek was about 9 months old, GP doctor referred us to the hospital eye clinic for additional check up, because he had significant squint. I knew about it, he did not look straight since he was born. But like everyone - he will grow out of it...I thought.

Thankfully, we had an appointment made before. He had a blocked tear channel too. 
I couldn't imagine, how are they able to do eye check up for such a little baby? So, I was waiting that day in the hospital hall, all terrified, how it may look like...
But the doctor was really nice and careful. But he was tired and was cried so much...They put drops in to the eyes, and after about 40 minutes were able to see what's going on inside the eye. 
Diagnosis wasn't great. The doctor said: he has a squint and his eyes have no equal seeing. Actually, the difference in seeing between both eyes is so wide, that he needs wear glasses, and he said - all his life! I believe, miracle may happen and his treatment, started so early will bring recovery...
I know, this is not the end of the world, but like every mummy, I just want all the best for my little boy.

I was in deep doubt, how is he going to wear glasses, keep them on. He is so mad! But he wears them with no problem. Maybe he can see much better...

 Janek has been referred to the orthoptist as well. We had a visit 2 months after he started wear the glasses. And new diagnosis: amblyopia. Amblyopia (lazy eye) is caused a difference in focusing power between the eyes and by strabismus (squint). I knew, what is that mean, because I have this "lazy eye". My parents started the treatment to late, when I was going to school, so one of my eyes is not going to see properly (actually I don't see too much on that eye).  Is only one technique, that is used to treat amblyopia - patching. We have to keep occlusion therapy with orthoptic eye patch. We stick the patch on Janek's eye for 2 hours a day, every day.

We have been patching his eye for last 4 months already. I thought, it will be huge problem! He won't wear it. But again, I was nicely surprised, how easy Janek used to wear it and he has thankfully no problem with it. We had another check up in the hospital today. The orthoptist said, that she can see big improvement. The eyes are going to see nearly equally. But, because he still prefers to use one of the eyes, we have to continue with the eye patch for another 2 months, to make sure, the situation is stable. I believe, that so young child is able to exercise the eye, and we win...
I just wonder, if you know anyone that had similar problem with a child, and how long took the treatment? 
That's it for today. I won't be always so serious...:-)

Janek wears on the visit:
Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger
Knitwear with hood - Disney
Shoes - Clarks

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He is really good boy wearing those glasses!