Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Children's eye clinic

Franek had an appointment to the orthoptist in Eye Clinic, so he didn't go to school today. But he loves going to school and wasn't happy... He was a little bit frightened as you can see on the pictures...

Why we are going to check Franek's eyes? I wear glasses all my life, so I am a little bit sensitive in this topic:-) When Franek was one year old, I saw something like a squint in his eyes, but only on the pictures. So, when we went for his check up, I asked about an consultation and since then we have  checking every half year.

The doctors said that his eyes are showing very little abnormality. Because it was no difference in seeing between both eyes, he didn't get lenses. The last time it looked, that everything is correct. But he was so shy that I didn't know how they can recognise it, when he was not able to tell anything. 
Franek was great today! He told everything, what he could see, to the doctor. But we had some doubt, when he couldn't watch at the picture properly with a patch on eye... so we have another appointment in the next 6 months. I hope , that it was only some kind of shy as well. Kids can not concentrate on that kind of exercises to long:-) I am really happy, that Franek started to answer to the doctor. Janek had a great play time in the clinic as well:-)
Anyway, I am happy, that he is ok for now! If you have any doubt about your child seeing, don't wait - every day counts for a child. We have another appointment with Janek on Friday - as you can see, he has more serious seeing issues. So, I'll see you on Friday...

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