Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Late late winter !

Woke up yesterday morning, looked thru the window and what? It was snowing! For the first time peace of the winter decided to show up its face in my living area:-) It was no problem to wake up my son for a school! He jumped out off his bed in a seconds hearing that IS SNOWING !

Kids were ready to go for a snow from early morning. But big brother had to go to school and do his home work after. So the big trip for a snow was postponed up to the afternoon...

 I had millions ideas about "how I will start my blog". I was hardly thinking how to sparkle and kick off, but the event like snowing in Swords just speeded up my actions:-) I really wanted to be more prepared for publishing my first post, get some great photo session in their best outfits done:-) But their happy faces, big smiles and red cheeks are worth to show up as well! And I will never forget when my bigger son said: "look mum so much snow we have got!" and they were so happy to feel how cold and wet it is, and also those experiments - put snow ball in to a bowl at home and watch what will happen...
I will introduce my little boys to you in the next posts:-)

Franek (big boy)
Hat - Okaidi
Scarf - Okaidi
Jacket - Zara
Trousers - Next
Boots - Start-rite
Janek (the little one)
Hat - DPam
Scarf - DPam
Jacket - Next
Trousers - Primark
Boots - Start-rite