Thursday, 14 March 2013


If someone would ask me, what your older son likes? I have no doubts - CARS. When he was eight months old, he has got a little wooden cars from Santa. 

I thought, it is too early, he won't be able to play with them yet. And I was such surprised when he was lying down on his tummy and with his little finger pushing them saying "bruuum" , so happy ,watching rounding wheels... 

 Since then his one love are cars. When he started to talk - his first questions were about cars brand names. When we started to walk on his feet, he was standing on the path beside the road and watching from one side to the He hated when he couldn't see them on the road. 
There is no more interesting toys than cars, garages or airport can be too now. When he was nearly 2 years old, watched "Cars" from Disney. This was and still is best story on DVD for him. He is able to play any rules and characters from this movie. With text ! Have quite big collection of them:-) Now my little boy is nearly 5, and love to do a lot of his arts and crafts, sing and dance, build construction, but his  playtime with cars is like every day routine, just has to be done!
That's all Franek:-)

Polo shirt - Junior J
Trousers - Junior J

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