Friday, 15 March 2013

Busy baby!

I think that many of you will say: yes, this is my son/daughter  like! But for me, everything  I am going to say about Janek, my little son, was new, even he is my second.


At first- he never sits, unless I pinned him up to his highchair (usually only for feeding) and it can not take longer than 5 minutes, otherwise he will try to rescue himself (successfully!) and shout. At second- he has no the favorite toy. Because his toys are everywhere, such as hoover, iron, mobile, any leads, camera and his best hit - laptop:-) I have to watch him all the time. But still - I do dishes, he will take all pots and pans out, water on the floor and he is sitting on the kitchen table.
Lets go to the bedroom - what's a fun in doing own order in the wardrobe!
Finally - we should keep all bathrooms locked. I have no idea, how he can know in a seconds that one of them is open, because he is always IN straight away and washing toys or dropping things like all toilet rolls in to the toilet:-) 
So, I am really happy, busy mummy - going to work, manage the house in the constant chaos; in the same time trying to play all those fashion, educational games, and answering ALL important Franek's questions.
I said, all of this is new for me, because Franek was complete opposition to the younger. When he was about 3 months - he was sitting in his rocker entertained by some rattles, when he was 6 months I sat him and he was able to sit and being happy play with his toys around him. He is playing with the cars and other toys in his room. And he was not interested in any "adults toys". He loved  to watch on the working washing machine or play with kitchen stuff (now he does cakes for us), but I had full control. 
What completely changed since we have Janek:-)
I love both off them in same big way! You may feel more ready for maternity when expecting next child, but still you don't know how it will go! This is a big mystery of maternity, isn't it?

Because I have boys, I have to play cars and do other male things with them..,so I find a little pleasure in searching for nice, fashion kids wear, accessories and best quality, stylish and durable toys, in a reasonable price. I prefer modern and classic style. So you my be able to see some my choices on this blog as well:-) I am open for any suggestions too.

Top - Original Marines
Jeans - Zara Baby

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