Wednesday, 8 May 2013

In the kids room's Give Aways or how to quit with a dummy:-)

Today's post is a special one. We're approaching 2 months on the blog this week.
When I started to create it I thought I am going to have a dialog with you - my lovely readers...
I know I still on the very beginning of the adventure with the blog. I don't know about many things I should.
I am learning every day, starting from a text editing to the photography and photo editing and many more..
Like you could recognise - English is NOT my first language- so writing anything with a little sense is a huge challenge for me.
But I took that challenge because I want to share with you my story and feel is many similar parents around. But to make sure you are there - on the opposite site of my laptop - I want to hear you...and find out a little bit about you..
I prepared a little Give Aways to celebrate our 2 months:

I would be more than happy to give you a 'Little Divils' voucher for a family portrait sponsored by Little Divils Personal Creations 
Draped in style is giving away a set of Letters from their Lovely Letters Range . These beautiful letters will be made to your order (up to 5 letters).
These beautiful letters come with a hook so they can be wall mounted. A gorgeous way to decorate and add a bit of fun to your child's bedroom.

To become an owner of one of those pretty children's room accessories,
you have to:

1. Like In the kids room on Facebook (just thru link or click on the upper right 

2. And SHARE this post on your Fb wall (you may share it more than one time)

3. And answer a tricky question which is connected to Janek's pictures above:

How to quit with a dummy? 

An answer put in the comments box below this post, please. I know you are very experienced parents and very creative people, so share just best practice, not too long! I am looking for best or funniest or the most effective and no-painfull ways.

Intensive starts now - Wednesday 8th of May 2013 and will close on Wednesday 
15th of May 2013 and the best comments and the winners (one of each prize) will be chosen by me thru my subjective opinion.

The results will be posted on In the kids room Facebook Fan page on Thursday 16th of May till 10 pm.
Taking a part in the intensive you agreed to share your ideas on the above topic in another post.

I keep my fingers crossed and good luck!

I am waiting for your comment, because Janek is already over 20 months and I 
think It's a time to quit our best friend - dummy:-)

Sponsors are available on Facebook as well:
Huge thanks to them!

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Unknown said...

Apparently of you make a few holes in the pacifier a kid will lose interest in it. Also if a kido is asking for a paci you can give him/her a sippy cup... never had to do it as my son never used one...