Monday, 6 May 2013

May picnic at botanic garden!

 It's not going to be about tiredness, lactation issues, parenting obstacles or any other bad things today.
Grab your coffee and a chocolate bar (sic!), sit in your cosy chair (alone) and relax! It's May Bank Holiday, so I am going to share a few photos (we've got a million, so was so hard to choose some for you...) and give you some way how to spend the days off with your family - and its FREE:-)

Only when we went there I realised that we go there every year for a first May weekend!
The place is named National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin in Dublin.
What is important for the families with couple of children - the entrance is free and you can walk there how long you want to. We are going there when is colder or raining as well, because they have few closed areas that you can look at rare flowers or cacti. 
Franek loves going there, because of the cacti! Do you remember, that in Cars from Disney Lightening McQuinn came up in to cacti:-)
The only one disadvantage I can see, is that you are not allowed to bring the bikes.
We sat in exactly same place where before and I could remember how Franek was crawling there few years ago:-)
This year was a time for Janek. He was so excited running around and between bushes and flowers.
Going there we feel that spring definitely is here and summer just approaching:-) Hopefully!
I had to bring a picnic blanket and tableweare set to make a real picnic.
When we came in there, Franek has choosen the place and managed to put everything in place:-)
And we enjoyed those couple of minutes when you can lay down on the grass,
look on the sky and just listen to the nature:-)
Janek has got VERY dirty at the end of the trip, but this was obvious if I decided to wear him white trousers:-)) My hubbie said he doesn't like this style but I love to make Sunday a special day and let him wear something different than sport suit.

This was a lovely day. One of those I wasn't thinking about a job and how many things left to do at home.
We just enjoyed the sun.

This week will be two months I switched to the blog, so for this occasion I'm preparing a special surprise:-) Watch me in the next days...

Top - Zara
Trousers - Gap
Shoes - still same Camper's

Hat - H&M
Coat and shirt - Zara
Trousers - DPaM
Trainers - found at TKMAXX

Picnic set I have got with a purchase at Imaginarium

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Looking for Blue Sky said...

Beautiful images: I love the 'Bots', it's almost my back yard :)